The Concorde Club Classic and Sports Car Show 2012.

Every year The Concorde Club Classic and Sports Car Show is held by the wonderful people at The Concorde Club to help raise money for Naomi House & Jacksplace, a fantastic charity based in the central south of the UK that provides numerous hospices dedicated to the support of children and young adults with life limiting conditions, and their families.



This event isn’t what you’d call enormous, but that’s part of it’s charm, The Concorde Club uses the space so well that we think that they create one of the most enjoyable and intimate car events of the year. Not only are you free to roam the grounds of the club and drool over the various bit of car porn on display, but there’s fantastic jazz music being played, which is synonymous with The Concorde Club in the south of the UK, as well the good old english barbque food all petrol heads know and love. There is also an F1 simulator stand for all to enjoy courtesy of F One Driver, a great addition to the event.

At the car park in the front there are various cars ranging from an Audi R8, to the almighty Ferrari F40, this round up of glorious automobiles is organised by Sporting Bears, a motor club that gives people the chance to ride shotgun in their dream cars in return for a donation to charity. As always, we here at Life On Unleaded are huge advocates of the 2 C’s, Cars and Charity, and The Concorde Club epitomises this, they deliver a very pleasant, charming and intimate car event that always delivers a great day out for the family, as well as supporting a fantastic cause!

Check out the pictures! (Taken with a Canon EOS 1100D)